Local Attractions

RappahannockLocated on the beautiful, historic Rappahannock River in Essex County, Garrett’s Marina Boat Storage / Harborside Storage at Garrett’s Marina is convenient to many area attractions:

Sightseeing- For the sightseer, our location is a forty-five minute run from a national bald eagle refuge set along the banks of the river. While cruising the river surrounded by rolling hills and spectacular cliffs, you can witness bald and golden eagles perched atop the magnificent hardwood canopy. Watching them fish is a sight to behold!

Also, in the same area, several historical plantation homes dating back to the 1700s can be viewed from the river. Each with its own architectural style and character, these colonial homes will give you a real feel for life along the river in centuries past. Keep in mind, as you journey up the river, that you are traveling the same waters as Captain John Smith, as well as Revolutionary and Civil War gunboats. Several old homes along the river actually have cannon balls embedded in their walls from these past battles.

Many area boaters also enjoy boating out to Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. From Harborside Storage, Tangier takes roughly two and half-hours to reach. Settled in the 1600’s this waterside community has remained so untouched by the rest of the world that its inhabitants still speak with the same Cornish accent as their forefathers. This is a truly unique experience.

Lowery's RestaurantDining/Shopping – Harborside Storage is only minutes from the riverside towns of Urbanna and Tappahannock. Both of these destinations offer a number of restaurants/taverns, shops and accommodations. Food and spirits can also be found in Carter’s Creek and Greenvale Creek along the river. Check out the many places to eat in the neighborhood.

Other Tributaries – The Rappahannock River offers many creeks/marshes to be explored. Totuskee Creek, Piscataway Creek, and Hoskins Creek all lie upstream within twenty minutes of Harborside Storage. Down the river, Urbanna Creek, Greenvale Creek, Carter’s Creek and both branches of the Corrotoman River wait to be explored. All of these waterways are within forty-five minutes of our location.

Check out the full photo gallery of fun and fishing that is part of the Harborside experience.

Hotels – Garrett’s Marina Boat Storage is only minutes from the riverside town of Tappahannock which offers many styles of accommodations. Check out the many places to stay in the neighborhood.

Fishing Locations

RockfishFor the serious or occasional fisherman, our location is within one half mile of prime fishing at Bowlers Rock light (buoy #19). Morattico Bar, frequent home to croaker, spot, perch and rockfish, is only four miles down river. Flounder, trout, spanish mackerel, cobia, bluefish and larger rockfish are often found in less than a 45 minute run towards the mouth of the river at the Chesapeake Bay. On December 12, Bud Waleski caught a citation 45″ rock fish in the Rappahannock River. Bud fishes out of Garrett’s Marina on his vessel “SCEAM”. Check out some the latest fishing news on the Harborside Marina / Garretts Marina “Fishy News” blog.

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